International Women’s Day 2018

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International Women’s Day Celebration Live Broadcast was Hosted by


On March 8, 2018, 24 Inspiring Women presented LIVE
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Learn more about the new sharing economy of “caresharing” linking mothers to mothers as a solution for childcare.


Karmel Larson

Event Host
Momni Founder

Meet Karmel: Mama Karmel is the co-founder of the Momni global movement, which aims to “link all moms everywhere.” She is passionate about being a “mama” and empowering other women to discover the strength and joy of motherhood. As a social worker, entrepreneur, and mother of eight children, she has spent decades promoting motherhood and lifting families through her service as a social worker; as president of American Mothers, Inc. of Utah Valley; director of the Utah County chapter of Parents Television Council; president of the Utah County chapter of Women for Decency; and county liaison for Citizens for Families. She was selected as the Utah Valley Young Mother of the Year, and served as Mrs. Utah United States. As entrepreneurs, Karmel and her husband spent years creating musical and educational experiences as owners of Brigham Larson Pianos and Utah Piano Conservatory. Karmel has also founded education cooperatives and a small hybrid private school.


Diann Jeppson 9:00 am MST

“How to Inspire Our Children to Learn”

When it comes to the education of our children, parents have lots of options! We can invite, coax, strongly suggest, bribe, beg, threaten or just wait and hope they decide to learn. Or we can choose to think in an entirely new way – We can inspire!

Meet Diann: Diann Jeppson is wholeheartedly engaged in the grand adventure of family centered education. She is the owner of, creator of Liberty Girls Clubs and Retreats, and Simulations Week events for youth. She is a community group trainer and consultant, and a certified tour guide for the State of Utah. She and her husband Adam live in Mount Pleasant, Utah and have four daughters, two sons-in-law and six grandchildren.

Paula Fellingham 9:30 am and 2:30 pm MST

Founder and CEO -Women’s Information Network, Founder of Solutions For Families, Inc


Meet Paula: Dr. Paula Fellingham is the Founder and CEO of the Women’s Information Network (WIN), an educational and social network for women, and a global community of women: The WIN hosted the largest gathering of women in history for the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2011: 377 live events in 152 countries.

Paula is the Founder of the non-profit organization, the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative (GPPI). Dr. Fellingham and her team work with Peace Ambassadors worldwide to fulfill their mission “to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.” See

Dr. Fellingham is the Founder of the Women of the Middle East Network:

Paula’s comprehensive “Total Life Excellence” curriculum is taught globally to strengthen people mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, financially, and in their relationships.

Paula has given presentations to delegates at the United Nations, for the World Movement of Mothers in Paris, and at numerous other conferences across the world. Paula participated in the World Congress on Families in Geneva, and at the World Movement of Mothers Conference at NATO Headquarters.

Former radio personality, for years Paula hosted a daily two-hour show called “Solutions For Families.”

Magazine contributor, Paula has written articles for People Magazine, International Business Times, Boston Globe, ABC 11, Worth Magazine, Family Living, Executive Excellence.

Founder of Solutions For Families, Inc, Women Celebrating Life, Inc., Families Now, Inc., Unlimited Living International, Inc. Former member of the National Board of Directors, Worldwide Organization for Women. Former Vice President of Former Executive Director of Families Worldwide Inc.

Producer of The Fellingham Family musical group. Paula’s eight-member family band performed across America and internationally for twelve summers. During their final season, The Fellingham Family presented 273 shows.

Paula received her Bachelor of Arts in 1971, and her Doctorate in 2004. Dr. Gilbert Fellingham (University Professor of Statistics) and Paula are the parents of 8 children, and the grandparents of 24 grandchildren.

Jennilyn Garrett 10:00 am MST

“Mission Driven Motherhood”

My path getting from where I was to where I wanted to be. Choosing peace and being present amidst the chaos of playing big in intentional parenting, liberating families in business, and raising up and educating leaders in my own home.

Meet Jenn: Jenn is a happy mother of eight – with one on the way. She has homeschooled her children for 11 years. She and her husband love working together and are in the top 1% of leaders in a billion dollar network marketing company called doTERRA. She has found a place of peace with God and family foremost while impacting thousands with her work.


Natalie Goddard 10:30 am MST

“Shine in Your Strengths”

Are you ready to build more on what’s right with you and your children? If you’re like most of the world, you know your weaknesses painfully well, but haven’t fully realized your strengths. Unlock new levels of joy and ease as you learn to shine in your own strengths and help them shine in theirs. Explore how you can use your strengths to be the mother you were uniquely created to be AND help your children become the best version of themselves.

Meet Natalie: Joyful wife and mother of 7, Natalie inspires and empowers others to tune into and follow their inner voice. As an international coach and mentor, she shares a vision of a “healer in every home” and how natural solutions support that life-changing movement. As a Family Life Educator and Holistic Health Coach she finds joy raising up leaders and world-changers, alongside her visionary husband.

Andrea Cox 11:00 am

“The Power of Diversity: Refugee and Immigrant Women in Utah”

Meet Andrea: Andrea received her Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the University of Utah and also received her BA in English/Secondary Education with a minor in French from the University of Utah. Andrea has spent her career connected to education and non-profit work–particularly working to provide educational opportunities for low-income, disadvantaged populations. She spent four years at the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) in the Office of the Commissioner as the Utah Scholars Program Coordinator and the College Access Challenge Grant Manager, 3 years at United Way of Salt Lake as a Community Collaborations Director over College and Career Readiness where she worked to implement wide-scale social change as well as working closely with the Women’s Leadership Council in connecting professional women as mentors to young girls in disadvantaged communities. Most recently she worked as the Director of Development for Latinos in Action (LIA) a small non-profit geared towards empowering Latino youth to be college and career ready through Leadership, service, culture, and excellence in education.

Currently as the Development Director for the Refugee and Immigrant Center, she hopes to create a platform to showcase the incredible work of the agency as well as create awareness of the struggles and triumphs of some of Utah’s most vulnerable populations.

She volunteers as a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah college readiness mentoring program, as well as having served as a group leader for young Nepali women and girls in a local church group. She is a former member of United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, graduated from the Women’s Leadership Institute political series in 2016, and continues to find ways to empower women in Utah to find their voice.

Andrea grew up in Huntington, Utah and was the first in her family to attend and graduate from college. She is married to Sean Bott, has one son, and a cat named Atticus Finch.

Stacy Harmer 11:30 am MST

Healing, Health and Transformational Coach

“Live Your Best Life – 7 Steps to Vibrant Living”

Meet Stacy: Stacy is on a mission!  Her personal path of loss and depression took her on a journey of healing from being in the Pit of Darkness to coming to the Promised Land!  Through her personal experiences, she’s discovered a formula to live a full, healthy, whole, vibrant life and is passionate about empowering others with these tools!  She is the founder of the Vibrant Living Academy, a world-wide community of women whose purpose is to help others heal their body, heart, mind and soul, discover their purpose and passion and share their unique gifts with the world.

She is a busy mother, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Raw Food Chef, Emotional Release Facilitator and Co-Creator of the Vibrant Living Holistic Health Coach Certification Program.  She is speaker, trainer and the author of 7 Steps to Vibrant Living – You Deserve to Find Joy Now and has a mission to spread these principles to the world!

12:00 pm


Rozeanne Marsh 12:30 pm MST

“One Word that can Change your Destiny!  What?  No Way!!!”

Sometimes Fundamental understandings seem too simple to pay attention to. Learn a skill that will redirect your life and the life of those in your circle of influence.

Meet Rozeanne:

Rozanne Marsh is a transformation speaker, group mentor, holistic life coach and a cranio-sacral emotional release facilitator.

She is the mother of two amazing and unique teenage boys.  It is with their help that she is founded,  Know Brainerz –  Level up, an Experiential 2 day event for teens, ages 12-18, created to give tools  And shortcuts for the elaborate game of life that teens are maneuvering through.

She is affectionately known as the “‘Wizardess of Ah’s and Ah ha’s’” from her Yellow Brick Road Series of classes that leads students to paradigm shifts about the role of trials in their life and their own incredible personal power over their flying monkeys.

With over 20 years of experience with training management teams and writing unique training curriculum, Rozanne was asked to teach her principles on a collegiate level as an adjunct college instructor for Weber State University.

The tools she teaches are foundational to catapulting healing, relationships, and connectivity.

Deograceous Balmoi 1:00 pm MST

“Becoming my mothers”

There was a time when women were the last line of defense. Today, we are the first and in some cases, may also be the only line of defense. Can our girls count on you today?

Meet Deograceous:

Deograceous Balmoi is an assistant director of peace ambassadors with the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative. She prides herself in being the daughter of one of the most resilient and strong woman, Janet Akello Balmoi. Born and raised in Uganda, she shares the narrative of the African girl-child claiming her space under the sun.

She has been a trainer of trainees in the youth leadership programs with Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE), a teacher, Journalist, nature enthusiast and an aspiring advocate for women empowerment.

She loves life and learning and dreams of planting many trees. She believes in Ubuntu…I am because we are.

Cherie Burton 1:30 pm

“How to Love Your SELF: Heart, Mind & Soul”

Meet Cherie: Cherie Burton is a mother of five, author, speaker, and purpose coach. She is a Presidential Diamond leader in the reputable doTERRA International company. She holds degrees in psychology and sociology and has worked in the fields of mental health and addiction. Cherie was crowned Mrs. Utah 2004 and for nearly two decades has coached many women in business, image, purpose and confidence transformation. She specializes in the science and spirituality of emotions, biochemistry and sensory integration, traveling the globe to speak out on intentional self-nourishment and women’s empowerment. Her Blue Rose Wellness company provides women with how-to training videos, audios, books, retreats and personal coaching programs to empower them to heal their emotions and bodies so they can Stand, Speak and Shine. Her book, If She Could Speak, will be released later this year.

Megan Thomas 2:00 pm MST

“How To Rock Your Marriage”

Meet Megan: My name is Megan Thomas, AKA The Hippie Mama. I have been married 17 years to the best guy ever. We are lucky to have seven kids who I affectionately call my monkeys. I am a veteran homeschool mama and a lover of all things natural.

After seeing all the good that one woman can do, just by loving those in her own home, I decided to become a Wife Coach™. I help women become the best version of themselves; I give them the skills to live fearlessly, have more peace in their life, and to love themselves and others unconditionally.

I also coach women who homeschool or who are thinking about homeschooling their kids. I give them real tools to get over their fears, help give their children a passion for learning, and create a simple schedule to get organized for success.

Paula Fellingham 2:30 pm MST

Ginette Bott 3:00 pm MST

Utah Food Bank – Chief Development Officer

“Hunger and How You Can Help”

Meet Ginette: Ginette Bott joined Utah Food Bank’s staff in 2010 following 23 years of management and marketing experience at Fidelity Investments, most recently as Director of Public Affairs. While at Fidelity Investments, Ginette was instrumental in organizing the company’s Salt Lake City Annual Food Drive, which met the 2 million pound mark in cumulative donations in 2008. In 2017, she was one of 25 nonprofit leaders invited by national foundations to participate in the New Strategies Program at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Ginette holds B.S. degrees in both Business Management and Marketing.

Ginette is the key media spokesperson for Utah Food Bank, and oversees public relations and development strategies to create innovative fundraising and community engagement efforts. As a member of Utah Food Bank’s executive team, she manages the volunteer, programs and development departments, establishing department policies, systems and procedures as well as mentoring staff to strengthen leadership skills. Ginette has been actively involved in Utah Food Bank’s mission of Fighting Hunger Statewide for over 25 years.

Allison Lew 3:30 pm MST

Founder and CEO – Braid

“Why Women Entrepreneurs Need Each Other”

Braid Workshop is a workshop series and community for women entrepreneurs. The idea behind the name Braid is that one strand by itself is easy to bend and break but when you weave many together they become strong. I see women in our community helping each other become economically empowered through their connections and I am constantly searching for ways to help these women connect more.

Meet Allison:

Allison Lew is the Founder and CEO of Braid Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs in addition to co-organizing for Provo Girls Summit, a career exploration event for girls.

Marlene Fletcher 4:00 pm MST

“Discovering Your Greatness & Divinity by Letting Go & Living”

Meet Marlene:

Marlene Fletcher is the President and founder of the Homeschool Support Group. She owns several businesses. Her life’s mission is to inspire, empower & create, no matter where she may be. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Structural Integration Practitioner (SIP). She travels frequently sharing her passion, of how to be happier and healthier in a natural way. Marlene has served on several Executive PTA boards and was the director of radKIDS (child safety empowerment program) at her children’s school. She is a certified radKIDS instructor, empowering over 1,000 children! She has presented at BYU Women’s Conference, and various homeschool conferences, including LDS Homeschool Conference, Winter Homeschool Conference and Called to Learn University. She has been educating families for nearly 20 years and is currently homeschooling. She is married to Matthew Fletcher. They have 4 sons and together they strive to inspire their children to not only learn, but to have a love for learning and make it a lifelong habit.

Marianne Downing 4:30 pm MST

“We are free to choose and accept responsibility for our choices as women”

Meet Marianne:

Marianne Downing is a New Zealander who has lived in the United States for almost 6 years. She began her work life as a therapist, specializing in the treatment of sexual abuse but moved to work as a consultant to nonprofit organizations, something she has now been doing for almost 24 years. In New Zealand she owned her own consultancy firm and worked with more than 140 different nonprofits to help them become more sustainable and effective.  She took a big leap of faith after a divorce in 2008 and moved to Paris where she was eventually engaged as part of a team to extend and American social service called LDS Family Services into the French speaking areas of France, Switzerland and Belgium. She adored living in Europe but in the streets of Paris she was romanced by her current husband, Alan who is French as well as American.  She was married in New York City.  She and her husband have 6 children between them scattered all over the world and 7 grandchildren with another arriving shortly. She is currently the secretary on the board of Big Ocean Women, an organization to inspire women of faith, who sustain families and who honor their creative power as mothers. She is passionate about being part of a maternal feminist movement.

Elizabeth Ann Takasaki 5:00 pm MST

“We value the unique and contributing role of families”

Meet Ann: Ann Takasaki is defined in many ways by her role as wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend.  She currently serves as board chair of a non-profit pro-family organization, Big Ocean Women.  In her spare time Ann enjoys serving in her church, reading, writing, cooking, sewing and socializing.  She and her husband, Roman, enjoy time with their three children and their spouses, and their almost five grandchildren.

Carolina Allen 5:30 pm MST

Founder and CEO – Big Ocean

“Big Ocean Women: The philosophical home you never knew you’ve always wanted!”

Meet Carolina:

Carolina Sagebin Allen is the founder and C.E.O of the maternal feminist organization, Big Ocean: Women for faith, family, and motherhood. Native of Rio Grand do Sul Brazil, Carolina and her family immigrated to the U.S where she later earned a BS degree in Philosophy from the University of Utah. She has a great appreciation for diverse cultures, ethnicities, and religious world views. Carolina is a has had the opportunity to participate in various international conferences including the Women of the Mountains Conference, World Congress of families, The United Nations Ethics of Reciprocity, the United Nations Habitat 3, and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women where her organization has participated for several years. She is a grassroots organizer and believes in the power of many voices working together to grow the good. She loves to engage with others in meaningful dialogue and discussion and has lead and participated in many thriving community cooperatives. As a fluent trilingual, she has taught classes in Portuguese, Spanish, as well as Civic Engagement and philosophy. She and her husband are homeschool enthusiasts and parents to six budding artists, athletes, and young scholars. She is an avid soccer fan and had a brief career as a semi-professional player.

Amy Dott Harmer 6:00 pm MST

Meet Amy:

Amy is the Outreach Coordinator at Utah Refugee Connection

Kimberly Landeen 6:30 pm MST

“Feeling Empowered as Women by our Feminine Nature and Biology”

Meet Kim:

Kim has a special interest in protecting the family. This desire has been intensified as she and her husband, Allen, have been professional foster parents to 13 little boys over the last 2 years. Kim stays busy as a health coach helping people regain their mental and physical health through clean eating, exercise, and structured personal development. Kim served as an LDS missionary in the Germany Berlin mission where she was entrusted with positions to train and guide many other missionaries. Her hobbies include hiking in Moab, ice fishing on Strawberry Reservoir, river rafting, playing football with her boys, taking candlelit essential oil baths, and cuddling with her husband and their dog Toby.

Drennan Baker 7:00 pm MST

“Creating Family Visions with God”

Meet Drennan:

Drennan Baker is a homeschooling mother of seven and is deeply involved in her community. She is the Chapter Advisor for the Worldwide Organization for Women (WOW) which seeks to create a peaceful environment that values sanctity of human life, preserves the natural family, and fosters the worship of God. She leads and conducts meetings for WOW regularly at her home in South Jordan. Drennan also started and led a chapter for American Mothers for three years previous to her work with WOW. In 2006 Drennan was awarded the Mrs. Utah crown in the Mrs. America Pageant. As a student, Drennan was a springboard and platform diver and competed in local, regional and state competitions. Drennan’s passion is spreading her faith-based processes and experience in self-development and personal progress.

Holly Richardson 7:30 pm MST

Facebook, Twitter (@hollyonthehill)

“Find your calling and pursue your purpose without losing yourself”

Meet Holly:

Holly Richardson graduated as a Registered Nurse at age 19 and two years later, married a boy she met in her BYU LDS ward. A year later, their first was born and after that, their family took the path less traveled. She and her husband adopted children from all over the world and now, three of their “little kids” are seniors in high school. Time flies. Thirty years after getting her Associate’s degree in Nursing, she went back to school and got a degree in Communication, with an emphasis in Public Relations two years ago, is now in her last semester of a Master’s degree in Professional Communication. She just got accepted into a PhD program and will start in the fall. She is also a columnist for the Salt Lake Tribune. In addition to her family, her great passion in life is international humanitarian work. She recently returned from working with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and has more trips in the works. In all of that, she’s also figured out how to not let her well run dry.

Jennilyn Prior Jorgensen 8:00 pm MST

“The Ripple Effect” Delighting in daily duties and rippling patterns of life balance and 
divine purpose within your home and sphere of influence

Meet Jennilyn:

Jennilyn was born in April of 1974 and grew up on a dairy Farm in Springville, Utah.  She is the 4th of 9 siblings and has fond memories of her childhood.  Jennilyn is the wife of Jayson Jorgensen and they have four beautiful children.  Jennilyn’s greatest joy is making life a wonderful adventure for family and devoting her time to helping them develop their gifts and talents.  Still, life is full of trials and in 2005, after her last child Jenna was born, Jennilyn was diagnosed and hospitalized for Post-partum depression.  Since that time Jennilyn has become passionate about helping women who struggle with life challenges and especially loves sharing her love for the Savior and His healing power.  Jennilyn has taught yoga since 1997 and recently retired to devote her time to her art and to her health and wellness business.  However, she still loves to teach on occasion and especially loves teaching mindfulness and yoga principles for everyday living.  In 2010, and through heaven sent inspiration, Jennilyn started a non-profit organization called Soaring With Hope.  This organization honors the life of her friend Marcia who is diagnosed with Pyrodoxen, a rare form of mental retardation as well as honors all who have diagnosed with special needs.  With the help of her daughters and a few other very talented individuals she runs a program she started with TURN organization called the “Sister Angel” program. This program connects women and their families with women with special needs to create a beautiful friendship each other.  Jennilyn is an Artist and loves sharing her colorful art with others in local settings and online and loves learning from artists whose work she admires. Jennilyn believes art in its highest form is that which creates a powerful human experience and she strives to use her art to bless and inspire others.

Kimberly Fletcher 8:30 pm MST

“Mom Altering Moments”

Meet Kimberly: Labeled by the media as “an unabashed America-loving homemaker”, Kimberly Fletcher is the president and founder of Homemakers for America, author of “WOMEN: America’s Last Best Hope,” contributing writer with The Blaze and and radio host on Omaha’s Conservative Talk 94.5 FM 1420 AM The Answer. She is an Air Force wife and mother of 8 children, who has made it her personal mission to educate and inspire the women of America to realize their immeasurable worth and powerful influence on society simply by being who they are.

Though she travels all over the country speaking and sharing her love of liberty (to anyone who will listen), Kimberly says her most cherished roles are that of wife and mother and her favorite place to be is cuddled up on the couch with her children and a good book.