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A-MA-ZING women will share their life-changing stories and explain what they're doing to make the world a better place.

Every 20 minutes, LIVE on this website, we'll meet and watch a new sister (from nations worldwide!) share the project she's passionate about.


So join us - right here - from 9am Pacific Time, U.S., until 6pm on March 8, 2020.

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9:00 AM PST Pacific Time
Paula Fellingham, WIN Founder; IWD Event Director
Welcome, and Presentation
“Women, This is Our Time: Celebrate. Self-Improve. Serve.”


9:40  - Karen Palmer - “Self Care Awakens us to Self Love, which Expands us to Self Mastery”

10:00 - Natalie Forest - “Be YOU: The Hidden Power of Patterns”

10:20 - Beth Johnston - “ANYthing is Possible; EVERYthing May Not Be!”

10:40 - Emily Eldredge - “How to Heal Humanity by Living Your Truth”

11:00 - Ashly Torian - “Armor Up for a Rock-Solid Mindset”

11:20 - Jennifer Hough - “How to Live an Unlimited Life”

11:40 - Norma Hollis - “What it Really Means to Be Authentic”

12:20pm - Linda Pringle-Evans  “Discover Your Brand D.N.A. to Live Your Best Life”

12:40 - Stacy Harmer - “The Pathway to Healing”

1:00 - Maija-Liisa Adams - When You Don’t Know What to Do – Ask, Listen, and Act”

1:20 - ShaRon Rea - “Lessons Learned as a Divorced Parent: My Children Will be Better When I Am Better”

1:40 - Lori Anne Rising - “Hidden Habits that Keep Women Stuck and How to FINALLY Break Free”

  2:00 - Angela Cody - “The Secret Weapon to Getting Organized”

  2:20 - Cheryl Angela - “Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You”

  2:40 - Paula Fellingham - "How to Enjoy an A-MA-ZING Marriage”

  3:00 - Audrey Dendy-Hightower - “The Importance of Self Care and Asking for Help”

  3:20 - Nicholeen Peck - “Are Your Children Learning How to Govern Themselves?”

3:40 - Karen Urbanek  - “Educating The Immune System And Preventing Dis-Ease And Viral Infections At Home!”

  4:00 - Beth Johnston  - “ANYthing is Possible; EVERYthing May Not Be!”

  4:20 - Margaret Paul - “Inner Bonding: Learning to Love Yourself”

  4:40 - Closing Remarks – Paula Fellingham

  5:00 - Prizes and Gifts Announced! 

*** Exciting WIN International Women’s Day 2021 MEGA Celebration Event in Las Vegas!!!
See www.InternationalWomensDay.orgMarch 5, 6, 7, 8th