IWD 2021 Event Details


FEATURED PERFORMER: Tina Boson- Singing  "I WIN"

March 6/8

Paula Fellingham Women Rising
Annicken Day Feminine Leadership Values - The Butterfly Effect
TeeJay Dowe Relationship Roles and Rules
Dana Jackson Casting your vision: ABC's for Realistic Goal Setting
Barbara Paldus Entrepreneurial Challenges
Jacque Zoccoli The Gift Is You!
Sophia Petrides Lead the way intelligently
Sam Rafoss Winning Ways for Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic World
Tina Boson I WIN - Song
Emily Eldredge The New Self emPowerment: 3 Steps to Heal Your Pain, Live Your Truth, and Light Up the World
Dale Choquette Don’t Hide Your Emotional Intelligence. Use It To Rise To The Top
Linda Pringle-Evans Turn Your Reputation into Revenue
Nicholeen Peck Parenting Excellence: Teaching Self-government in Your Home
Anne Crossfield Beating the Pandemic-Lessons for the Future
Karen Urbanek How to LOVE Your Guts! Detecting Digestive Issues and What to Do About Them!
Jen Buzza Women Rising Through Great Entrepreneurship
Celebrity Conversation Jessica Mendoza, Zachary Drucker,
Kim Weichel Kim & Paula: A Conversation on Feminine Leadership
Sophia Olivas Women's Financial Sovereignty: How Crypto is leveling the Playing Field for Women
Cindy Miller Three Steps to Gain Control
Jill Lublin Get Known Everywhere, Using Publicity
Sheila Alley 3 Pillars of Style Confidence
Keziah Gerosano Finding Your Voice and Using It to become a Global Changemaker
Yvonne Heath Heart and Humour from Puberty to Menopause and Beyond! | Rising—No Matter What!
Sandra Crowe Healing Trauma
Norma Hollis Three Mistakes to Avoid if you Want to be Authentic
Stacey Ruth Unstoppable Leader: Using Inner Wisdom for Outrageous Success
Marianne Williamson Presentation from the International Parliament on Spirituality
Karen Palmer mindful and conscious marketing and social media
Angela Cody-Rouget Home and Office organizing tips.
Maria Salazar Eat Wise, Drop a Size
Maija-Liisa Adams The MUST of TRUST
Mildred Muhammad So You Think You Can't Heal?
Jackie Lapin Growing Your Influence, Credibility and Impact: 5 Ways to Get Booked on Client-Attracting Platforms
Natalie Forest Be You- You Are Needed
Audrey Hightower Self-Care Perspective
Stacy Harmer From Purpose to Prosperity

March 7th

Sylvia Henderson Power of the '3rd Mind': When Women Collaboratively Come Together, Great Things Happen!
Binny Serean Miracle of Meditation
Wendy Darling The Miracle Of Attracting and Being In Love
Margaret Paul Oneness With Self, Others, and the Planet
Daya Devi-Doolin Yoga Nidra Now.
Lois Wagner From Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom
Tanu Shree Art and Meditation Club
Monette Toverado Blossoming in your village
Tara Eusesbi Humanity is Waiting for YOU
Kristen Eykel The Divine Breath of Awakening & Vitality
Eudeshi Naidu Human Transformation

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