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Interested in getting your product in front of thousands of women? A WIN event is for YOU! Along with receiving free admission tickets for those operating your booth, you will receive 3 additional FREE general admission tickets to give to your friends at any event that you attend as a sponsor.


– Will be aligned with a ​global women’s community – there will be 1,000 event attendees (see The WIN Overview).
– Can collect information from customers they acquire at this event for their personal databases.
– Can place their samples and merchandise in attendee grab bags (given to attendees at the door).
– Will receive a 5 foot, covered table.
– C​an set up and break down (same day).
– Will set up on a​ first-come-first-serve basis (for table placement).
– Those who set up near outlets will have power.​
– Will be able to sell throughout the event and during all of our breaks.
– Their logos and websites will be listed on www.theWINonline.com for six months.


We welcome giveaways from all sponsors wishing to do so. This is a good opportunity for a little added promotion at the show by having it announced overhead from the microphone. Minimum price for an announced giveaway must be $50. Limit one giveaway per business. If you’d like have your giveaway announced, please e-mail Krissy@TheWINOnline.com,  and we’ll put it on our list.


Extensive social media campaigns, magazine and radio ads, blog posts, and press releases are all distributed thoroughly leading up to the event. Sponsors who sign up far enough in advance will have the opportunity to be included in these ads before the event, and they will be included on our site for other events for 6 months following the event they participated in.  We will also make anyone a custom ticket code for those who requests one. For inquiries regarding custom ticket codes, email Krissy@TheWINOnline.com.


If you would like help with some booth ideas, printing and more, contact our design team at Design@TheWINOnline.com.


Booth space is available in our ticket section or by calling us at 1.866.GO.WOMEN FREE (469.6636). Booths are 5′ x 5′ and are a flat fee of $297 each. The Women’s Information Network excels at connecting businesses with targeted women buyers around the world.


If you are interested in receiving a Global Women’s Summit Media Kit, please email Design@TheWINOnline.com.


To get a sponsor contract, email Krissy@TheWINOnline.com.


Many of you are likely vending experts, but for those who need a little guidance, here are some tips to make the most of your time at this Global Women’s Summit:

  1. Plan an attractive, compelling booth space far in advance. Invest in your booth, both financially and with your time. Think about the customer’s view and how they would react to your booth. Would they feel comfortable stopping? Would they like your design? Would they stop and look? Use strategic approaches like offering giveaways, showing videos, creating games, offering something interactive, etc. Get your thinking cap on and think of something fun for potential customers!
  2.  Be sure to only booth workers that are happy to be there – it shows! Those who operate your booth should be happy and willing to walk around and interact. Those who slump in a chair and wait for people to come to them tend to have a smaller return on their booth investment.
  3.  If you do not feel comfortable interacting with customers, hire someone who does. It’s not a bad thing – it will help you in the long run.
  4.  Many exhibitors do not have a  pre-show lead planin place when their booths open for business on the day of the event. Get to know the basics of successful lead collection, and then make a plan! Here are some basics to get you started: 1) Engage with your customer briefly, then 2) Establish whether or not your customer is qualified and ready to buy your product or service. Next, 3) Offer your offering, making sure to focus on the benefits for them. 4) Finish off by collecting a business card or email address from them so that you can continue to market to them after the event is over.
  5.  When the event is over, be sure to put that this into your database, and be sure to actually FOLLOW UP with those you collected data from.  Each email you collect has a monetary value, even if they did not buy at this event! 
  6.  Another great tip is to have a picture book or slideshow at your booth to show other customers’ testimonials. Visuals of any kind are much more effective than words alone.
  7.  Candy or mint bowls are a great option to bring people in. It does not work for everyone, but it hss proven to be an attractive element for many booths!
  8.  Think about giving away promo items at your booth. People love free things! However, make sure that it is actually useful to your customers, otherwise you may end up spending money on promo items unnecessarily.
  9.  If possible, demonstrate your products/services. People like to see it in action.
  10.  Dare to do something different.The more you stand out from the other booths, the better your day will be! Think outside the box (music, confetti, dancing, etc. ). If you have questions about an idea, give us a call before the event. We will do our best to accommodate you and your brilliant ideas!

All in all, research has shown time and time again that trade shows and event vending are the #1 advertising Return On Investment that businesses can make. So make that plan before you get there! Make the most of your time and money.

The WIN would love to help you reach all your business goals and become an important partner to your business at our events around the world every year. Have a great show!