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March 1 - 10, 2024

Increasing the Love, Prosperity, and Peace on Earth




All 2024 International Women's Day Events are presented by Win Win Women - the #1 Live-Streaming Global Women's Network and International Community - Click here for more information about Win Win Women.

MARCH 1 - 10, two hours of excellent virtual presentations daily AND live events, listed below.


Our 10 day International Virtual Event will be hosted by Win Win Women's Global Event Director, Daniella D'Avila. Women in every nation are invited to join as excellent speakers and entertainers will give 15 minute presentations for two hours each day from 10am - 12pm Pacific Time, U.S. from March 1 - 10, to celebrate, honor, educate, elevate, and empower women worldwide.

Schedule of Events

March 1 - Inspiration

Ashly Torian - Fueling Your Journey: The Power of Inspiration in Thriving

Sherry Brier - Daring Dazzling Divine: Inspiring Stories From Women Rock Project

Mary Pagano - Female Empowerment: Inspired

Angelika Christie - Reconnecting with Nature and Heaven: Your Finite and Immortal Self


March 2 - Relationships

Terri Crosby - What Makes a Partnership Work

Loretta Wetzel - Ignite Your Family Freedom!

Regan Barnes - How Multi-Dimensional Motherhood Is

Robyn Bloom - You Can't Fully Be There for Others if You Can't Be There for Yourself


March 3 - Business

Beth Hendricks - Stellar Mentoring: A Necessary Element for Every Successful Business, Endeavor, or Project

Lori Raupe - Your Message Matters: Why It’s Important to Leave a Legacy to Help Others

Ann Cueva - Prepared and Organized: Navigating Life's Unexpected Challenges

LeAnn Lyon - Using AI for Creativity in Business


March 4 - Wealth

Tracy Repchuk - How to Live a Legacy Life

Pamela Plick - The Prosperity Formula: 5 Steps to More Abundance in Your Business & Life.

Lynn Whitbeck - Why Your Fortune Really Is In the Sales Follow-Up

Jean Barr & Sharon Miles - QA Strategies for Sales Success Panel


March 5 - Self Improvement & Joy

Ellen Ettinger: Reaching Goals & Elevating Happiness: 5 Steps to Success

Jaki Sabourin - The Art of Self-Discovery: Embracing Your Unique Power as a Woman

Dr. Christi Hibbert - The Need for Self-Worth vs. Self-Esteem

Emmalou Penrod - Use Your Emotions to Reach Your Goals

Cheryl Okoli - Is It Time To RECALIBRATE?

Inez Bracy - Be More In '24


March 6- Leadership

Sopheia McMorris - Become Who You Are, Together We Thrive

Angilie Kapoor - How to Recognize & Embody Your Inner Phenomenal Leader

Gina Longo - Humanizing Leadership in the Digital Age

Cara Jean Wilson - You Matter: Epigenetics and Choice

Andrea Sousa - Leadership Development: The Role of Emotional Intelligence 


March 7 - Mental Health

Paula Okonneh - The Relevance of Mental Health Awareness for Parents

Whitney Prude - Bandaging Our Health, When What We Need is a Cure

Jeannine Rivers - Breaking the Silence: Empowering Women to Share Their Stories

Jill Reynolds & Brenda Tucker La Rue - Navigating Transitions and Healing Trauma Panel


March 8 - Special Guests

Ana Paula Elias - Your Potential

Stephan Poschik - Overcoming Barriers: A Story of Resilience & Empowering Lessons from My Entrepreneurial Journey

Linda Erickson - The Art of Storytelling

Jan Du Plain & H.E. Ambassador of Tunisia Hanene Tajouri Bessassi & H.E. Ambassador of the Dominican Republic Sonia - Women in Leadership Panel 


March 9 - Health & Wellness

Marie Kabis - Look Your Best at Any Age

Shelly Jo Wahlstrom - Feed Your Brain, Change Your Life

Tracey Gelb & Denise Medved - Neuroplasticity + Brain Health

Tammy Goen - It's Your Time: Decreasing Stress and Preventing Burnout 

Nancy White - Aging with Grace and Vitality Whatever Your Age


March 10 - Transformation

Karen Gedney - Prison Reform

Heather Buzzard - Uncovering Peace with Forgiveness

Elian Haan - 5 Ways to Get Your Sexy Back and Stay on Track

Cheryl Greenfield - Becoming Me: Unveiling Your True Self

Emily Eldredge - Your Inner Guidance Committee: 3 Inner Power Sources for Business and Life

LIVE EVENTS, presented by Win Win Women

March 1 - North Richland Hills, Texas from 6:00pm - 9:00pm 

Hosted by Charla Anderson. Grab Your Tickets Here!! 

March 3 - Middletown, Ohio from 1:00pm - 5:00pm 

Embark on an empowering journey at the International Women’s Day Summit: Together We Thrive, thoughtfully hosted by Cheryl Greenfield. This transformative event, set against the historic backdrop of the Sorg Opera House, converges coaches who will delve into women’s issues, empowerment, and the importance of supporting one another.


March 7 - Ogden, Utah from 6:00pm - 9:00pm 

Hosted by Emmalou Penrod. Celebrate International Women’s Day at the Westwood Village in Ogden, Utah! Join us for an evening filled with empowerment, inspiration, and fun. Together, we will thrive and uplift each other. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and celebrate the achievements of women everywhere.

Grab Your Tickets Here!

March 8 - Flower Mound, Texas from 6:00pm - 9:00pm 

Hosted by Ashly Torian. Cultivating Connectivity for Women's Prosperity is a beacon of inspiration on International Women's Day, dedicated to uplifting the spirit and potential of women worldwide. This event converges under a cause of unity—inspiring, motivating, encouraging, supporting, and fostering collaboration among women from all walks of life.

Grab Your Tickets Here!

March 9 - Cedar Creek Lake, Texas from 11:00am - 2:00pm 

Hosted by Elian Haan. Join us for a Celebration Event in partnership with Women’s Global Alliance in honor of International Women’s Day! MORE IN 24 AT CEDAR CREEK LAKE, TOGETHER WE THRIVE! is a beacon of inspiration on International Women's Day, dedicated to uplifting the spirit and potential of women.


IWD 2024 Virtual Summit Speakers


You are invited to participate in extraordinary, global, multi-media events to educate, enlighten, and empower women and girls worldwide in March 2022.

On International Women’s Day, we will extend a Call to All Women to use their intellectual, nurturing, and creative skills to move the world from where it is now to where we believe it can be in 2030. We will use International Women’s Day as an annual catalyst.

As a participant in the International Women’s Day events, you will be aligning with the Global Women’s Movement. Women worldwide will see you as one who cares about the well-being of women; someone who wants what they want – a more prosperous and peaceful world.

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